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Prevents Disputes

Improves Efficiency

Delivers Evidence

For sole traders to multinationals, worldwide

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Live video stream

At a single touch, ReportCam creates a video Report Page, streams it to a secure server and sends alerts to nominated recipients via email and SMS, providing a link to the Report Page.

Choose between Live stream and High Quality Video, and if there is no network when in use, Reports are stored on the device and then sent once a connection becomes available.

Report Page on iMac

1. The ReportCam branding will be replaced with your company logo

2. You can add a name or job I.D. to each Report

3. There are two time and date stamps, one from the the device at the time of recording and one from the server when the report is uploaded, for audit and compliance purposes

4. The video is hosted on our secure server where it cannot be edited or tampered with, and the location map completes the evidence needed to de-risk your business

5. Alert Recipients can send a message directly back to the sender in response to the Report

6. The Report can be quickly shared with other by email.

ReportCam is for use by field workers and customers with a need to deliver instant, detailed reports at a single touch.

Users and alert recipients

ReportCam is for use by field workers and customers with a need to deliver instant, detailed reports at a single touch.

Preventing Disputes and Promoting Trust

Sending Reports to customers pre, during and post the job provide them with evidence of issues - preventing costly disputes and promoting trust in your business, so you can go on to upsell your products and services rather than defend them. And branding the Report Page with your logo makes your business stand out from the competition.

Improving Efficiency. 

Making the right decision quickly is often central to successful business operations, but if the decision-makers are not on site delays and misunderstandings can be costly. Using ReportCam to communicate with colleagues will not only save time and costs,  it can provide protection for field workers in difficult situations.


Delivering Evidence.

Whether it’s an audit, inventory or inspection, delivering evidence of circumstances makes ReportCam a powerful information and risk management tool. Use it to gather evidence to support and protect your business.
It is also for businesses to re-brand and sell to customers as a roving CCTV camera, which can be added to existing security networks to take personal and property safety to another level.
Road Traffic Accident
Or it can be given to customers to improve insurance claims or car breakdown reporting, or to the public to acquire User Generated Content for websites, tv and social media.
So ReportCam can improve efficiency, save money and open-up a new revenue stream.




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