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Using the app is straightforward

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Report-Cam can be found through the iTunes and Google Play stores, or you can click on the link on our site
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Once you have downloaded it - for the free, one-month trial - first register by entering your contact details in the form which appears automatically
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Then add one or more Alert Recipients under Settings - Alerts (drop-down menu) - Alert recipients.
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You can enter up to five recipients, don’t forget the press Save when it’s done. The listed recipients will receive an email saying they have been added by you.
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The second button under the Alerts drop-down menu is Edit Alert message. This is the text of the email alerts, which you can edit to make more personal. Again, don’t forget to Save, when done.
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The third is Recipient Comments. When someone adds a comment to a Chat Box in one of your report pages, you will be notified here.
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The Reports button under Settings has two drop-down options: Sent Reports and Unsent Reports.
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The first allows you to view, share or delete the reports you have created.
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The second is where your reports are stored if you have used the app with no network connection (no wifi or mobile network, that is). When you are back with a network connection, you can send these Reports from here, or delete them if they are no longer needed.
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If there is a report waiting to be sent, a reminder will appear as a number attached to the Reports button in Settings.
The Account button has three drop-down options, Update profile (if your details change) and Subscribe, which you will need to do at the end of the free month’s trial to continue using the service. You can unsubscribe at any time, there is no contracted lock-in term.
The Contact Us button is there in case you need help.
Below that is the Report ID ON/OFF button. When set to OFF, a Report will be created as soon as you are on the Record screen.
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When the Report ID button is set to ON, you have the option to add a title or job number to each report, which will appear in the Alert messages and on the Report Page.
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Below that, the Torch ON/OFF button is to activate the light on your device while in video record mode.
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The Video Quality option below that is so you can choose between a live stream video which is quick to upload and can be seen within seconds by Alert Recipients, or for greater detail switch to High Quality which takes a little longer to upload and will deliver a higher video resolution.
Live streaming will be available within a month of the app launch.
Below that here is a Code box. When you subscribe to ReportCam it includes the option to re-brand your Report Pages with your own logo and message. Just complete the form on our site, with a copy of your logo, and we will send you a code to enter in this box which will activate your customised Report Page from that point onwards.
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At the top of the Settings page there is a Logout button, to sign out of your account. You can have one active device at any one time, so to move the account to another device first logout of the active device before downloading the app and logging in on a second device.
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At the bottom of the Settings page there is a round “Start New Report” button, which is a shortcut to creating your next report.
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When you activate you device it will go to the screen you were on when it was last shut down.
On the Record screen, the dot in the top left hand corner flashes red and blue when a recording is underway.
The cog icon in the top right of the screen is to access the Settings page. If there are any messages or Unsent reports, a number will appear next to this Settings icon.
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The red Start / Stop button at the bottom of the screen is to start or end a Report.
Below that, there is a message to let you know if you are connected to the server.
The Alerts are sent to recipients automatically, no need to press any buttons. An Alert is also sent to your registered email address, so you always have a copy in your inbox.
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When a recording starts, a message appears saying “Alert”, then there is a box with a seven-second countdown, then a “Don’t send” button. Do nothing and the Alerts are sent automatically. Press Don’t Send and the Alert will only go to your Inbox, not to the listed Alert Recipients. You can always forward it to others later, so this allows you to check the report before sending. This feature will be added within a month of the launch of the app.
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When you start a recording, it will take a moment for the app to connect with the server, so a brief pop-up message will say: “the recording will start when this message disappears”. That’s when you should start talking.
Remember to describe the situation you are recording, and mention anything you want the Alert Recipients to be aware of so it’s brought to their attention. Move in close with the device to show more detail, e.g. a scratch or small problem - also, make sure the app is in High Quality mode if you wish to show details more clearly.
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If no connection can be made with the server, the Report will be created but not sent. It will be stored under Settings - Reports - Unsent Reports, so you can send it when your network connection is restored. You will be notified at the end of the recording that is has not been sent.
The Report Page is stored on a secure remote server for up to one year during which it can be accessed at any time. After that it will be deleted, so you should download the Report if needed for longer.
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1. Across the top there is the ReportCam logo which can be replaced with your logo when you subscribe, just go to, complete and send us the branding form with your logo and we will send you a code to put in the box on the Settings page. From that point onwards all your Report Pages will have your branding.
2. Below that there is the Report ID (if you have added one) then the sender contact details.
3. There are two time and date stamps next to that. One is the from the device when the Report was crated, the other is from the server when it arrived, providing evidence of circumstances. The Reports cannot be accessed for editing, so there is no opportunity for this evidence or video to be tampered with.
4. Below that there is the video which can be switched to full screen, and next to that the location on Google Maps, which can be zoomed.
5. A text box to send a message back to the originator of the report appears next, who will be notified in the app when new messages are added.
6. Then there is a share button for the Report to be forwarded by email to others, and a download button will soon be added.

Download a PDF version of the User Guide Here


    White Label

white-label-report-my-brand-motorsReport-Cam has been designed to be re-branded and re-versioned by business and corporate clients, to function and publish as your own app. It can also be integrated into your existing app, adding value with enhanced functionality.

This service is available now, allowing you to publish your version without delay and at a fraction of the cost of a new build. It is risk-free to, as you will acquire a stable fully-developed platform with the back-end service taken care of by us.

And the Report Page will be re-branded as well as the app, so recipients be presented with the video and related data with your logo & livery.

The business model for re-branding the service is flexible, depending on the intended use.

To find our more Request a Quote



Following a free one-month trial, Report-Cam is available worldwide at a monthly subscription of

£3.32 per month excl VAT (£3.99 inclusive)

USD 5.99 per month

Euro 5.49 per month

There is no lock-in or fixed term contract beyond one month.

The subscription delivers all functionality (including e-mail and in-app alerts) other than SMS text message alerts, charged separately as it is a function which will not be needed by all users. SMS text alerts are activated by buying credits. One credit is used per report, sending text alerts to up to five recipients.

10 credits: £4.99

20 credits: £8.99

40 credits £14.99

or equivalent in local currency.

The Report-Cam service works worldwide and SMS text messages are delivered via a global gateway to any country with compatible cellular networks. Please note that the service uses either wifi or cellular networks which may incur data charges from your network supplier.


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